Cement and concrete prices drop in July

Cement and concrete prices drop in July
25 August 2009

The prices of cement and concrete showed a declining trend in July comparing with June, giving an impetus to the construction activity in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The monthly bulletin on the prices of building materials for July comparing with June issued by the Statistics Centre-Abu Dhabi, showed mixed trends.

Cement prices dropped by 1.74 per cent on an average in July compared with June, as a result of the decline in the price of Ittihad sulphate resistant cement by 0.71
per cent to an average of Dhs350 (US$95.2), down from Dhs352.2 (US$95.88) in June 2009, the bulletin said.

Ittihad Portland cement declined by 3.87
per cent as well as Ittihad white cement declined by 0.55 per cent in the same period.

Meanwhile, the price of lime gypsum (Oman) shrank by 5.30
per cent below its average price of Dhs1320 (US$359.37) in June to an average of Dhs1250 (US$340.32) in July 2009.

The prices of aggregates and sand were generally stable in July, compared to their levels in June and the past three months.

Concrete prices fell by 5.45
per cent during July, compared with June prices, with the price of standard ready- mix concrete falling by six per cent to an average of Dhs352.5, down from Dhs375 back in June, while the price of phosphate resistant concrete dipped by 4.9 per cent from an average of Dhs382.50 to Dhs363.75 over the same period.

The prices of construction steel edged up by 1.72
per cent during July compared to June 2009, flat steel (Dubai) rose up by 2.51 per cent, beam steel-large (Korea) by 5.44 per cent, beam steel-small Korean by 7.07 per cent, Japanese by 3.92 per cent and Ukrainian by 7.07 per cent.
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