Votorantim takes part in popular housing project, Brazil

Votorantim takes part in popular housing project, Brazil
07 August 2009

Concrete from Engemix, Votorantim Cement"s concrete business, and Votoraço products from Votorantim Siderurgia (Steel) will be used in the construction of 1440 residential units as part of the federal government’s "My House, My Life" program. The project, which is located in São José dos Campos (SP), began in June and is being coordinated by the homebuilder Homex. The homes are scheduled to be handed over in December this year. They will cost from R$80,000 and may be financed entirely by the Caixa Econômica Federal bank.

"We are providing cut and bend steel and welded screens, products with a higher added value," said Luiz Henrique dos Santos, the sales coordinator of the São José dos Campos office.

The "My House, My Life" program involves investments of R$34bn and has been subsidised by the Federal Government and the FGTS workers´ social security fund. A million homes for families with an income of up to 10 minimum wages are due to be built throughout Brazil.
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