Amreyah selects Cachapuz’s SLV Cement, Egypt

Amreyah selects Cachapuz’s SLV Cement, Egypt
04 August 2009

Amreyah Cimpor Cement Company is located in Alexandria, Egypt and is one of the companies of the Cimpor Group. The cement plant has an annual production capacity of over than 3.9Mt and a number of trucks are loaded and dispatched every day. The main issues that led them to implement Cachapuz’ solution were related to expedition/dispatching performance and vertical data integration with SAP ERP. They needed an integrated cement dispatching solution and solved those issues at several levels for the following needs:

- Logistics level: to organise the parking zone and the queue of trucks waiting to enter the plant

- Expedition level: a front-end module that allows the expedition operators to manage all dispatching operations

- Manager level: a powerful reporting module that is able to deliver business oriented reports to plant managers

- Integration level:  a solution that integrates with SAP ERP and guarantees the cement dispatching operations 24/7, even in case of communication failure between the two systems

- Weighing and Automation level:  an experienced and referenced supplier of weighing and automation products.

Cimpor and Cachapuz Bilanciai Group have been working together since the 1990s, implementing the SLV Cement solution (simply called SLV back then) at all Cimpor’s Portuguese cement plants (Maia, Souselas and Alhandra cement plants). Because of the success in all these projects, Cimpor awarded Cachapuz with the implementation of the renewed SLV Cement solution at the Amreyah plant, continuing with the same supplier in other projects worldwide.

SLV Cement is an innovative system focused on cement manufacturing plants and provides the complete automation of the main functional areas: weighing, dispatching, shipping, parking, entry/exit gates, bulk loading, bags loading, raw materials unloading and business analysis.

The solution integrates seamlessly with the client’s ERP in online/offline mode, assuring the cement expedition and information registry even in case of communication failure between the two systems. This innovative solution is scalable, modular and adaptable to small and large cement companies worldwide. SLV Cement was customised to meet the needs of this project, providing the necessary tools and equipments for the complete automation of its functional areas (weighing, parking, entry/exit gates, bag loading and raw material unloading), the tools for logistics management and business analysis (web portals, statistical data, business indicators, automatic alerts, etc.) and the integration with SAP ERP in online/offline mode (to ensure the plant will work even in case of communication failure between the two systems).

Amreyah was the first customer where were installed the last enhancements of the SLV Cement solution, like rich color touch screens interfaces, with multimedia capability to allow the system to inform truck drives with sound, video and pictures of the process; web based modules to avoid the need of software installation in all the workstations; powerful logging and analysis capabilities of process related data; expedition front-end, tailored to every user/profile needs.
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