Cemex trialling Iso-veyors

Cemex trialling Iso-veyors
16 July 2009

Cemex is currently trialling an innovative transport solution Iso-veyors, to transport pulverised-fuel-ash (P-FA) from West Burton power station to Tilbury, for the production of blended cements. The new grinding and blending facility at Tilbury will be officially opened in September.

Iso-veyors, a more sustainable bulk transport system, were previously used by the company to transport materials to T5 at Heathrow airport. The system provides a logistical and flexible alternative to traditional silos providing storage for 28t of material per unit which can be transported by any combination of road, rail or ship.

The cylinder- shaped containers are filled at source, West Burton power station in Lincolnshire, and transported by rail approx 170 miles to Tilbury in East London. It is anticipated that this transport solution will save 600,000 road miles and 720t CO2, the difference between road and rail transportation, per annum.

Once at Tilbury, the 30ft containers, which have been constructed within the frame dimensions of a standard commercial container, are handled as standard ISO containers, utilising skeletal trailers and conventional rolling stock.  They are placed on trucks to go into a storage area until required where they can be stacked three units high and moved using conventional lifting gear.

This system provides flexible weatherproof storage, eliminates cross contamination and reduces environmental damage.

“From an operations perspective, the Iso-veyors enables us to move far larger loads over greater distances in less time, giving environmental benefits. It also ensures that we always have a constant supply of P-FA.  We are continually looking for innovations that are also more sustainable, Iso-veyors and the recent successful introduction of the Epod,(electronic proof of delivery) fulfill these criteria ”, comments Graham Russell, Vice President Commercial, Logistics and Building Products.
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