Keystone Cement gets DEP approval, US

Keystone Cement gets DEP approval, US
10 July 2009

The Department of Environmental Protection has granted approval for Keystone Cement to change its hazardous waste storage and handling procedures as part of a US$165m modernisation project.

The East Allen Township cement manufacturing plant will construct a 220,000-gallon tank farm and truck and rail unloading areas for storage and transfer of hazardous waste fuels. Once this is done, the company will phase out the use of the truck hazardous waste storage and unloading facilities and convert those for waste oil storage, according to a news release.

"This approval enhances the company’s abilities to safely store and handle the hazardous waste liquids they use as fuel supplements," Northeast Regional Director Michael Bedrin says in a news release. "They will not increase the amounts or change the types of wastes that we currently allow."

The permit modifications do not allow for any increase in the amount of approved hazardous waste fuels or any change to the types of hazardous wastes approved for use as fuel supplements to coal.

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