Cemex and Sakret combine logistics operations, Estonia

Cemex and Sakret combine logistics operations, Estonia
07 July 2009

The Latvian construction material producers Cemex and Sakret have combined their logistics operations for doing business in Estonia and have jointly set out to take the Estonian market of pre-packaged cement and dry mixes, the Latvian business daily Dienas Bizness (DB) reported on Wednesday.

The two companies have combined their logistics and pre-packaging operations, turning the resulting economy of costs into profit. DB said that Cemex and Sakret would cooperate by taking cement produced at the Cemex plant in Broceni, western Latvia, to the Sakret plant in Estonia for packaging and subsequent sale to Estonian customers.

"We have become more attractive for Estonian customers as now they can buy both dry construction mixes and cement at the same location. In addition, our production plant in Estonia has more work because we use it for pre-packaging of cement brought from Latvia," Sakret Director Andris Vanags told the newspaper.

Cemex board member Maris Gruznins told BNS that the two companies had been cooperating before but this was a new step that would improve efficiency of operations of both parties. The joint project by Cemex and Sakret can serve as an illustration of benefits from business cooperation that would help companies to overcome crisis more easily and to increase their exports.
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