Dominican environmentalists rally to block cement plant

Dominican environmentalists rally to block cement plant
02 June 2009

Dominican environmentalists are rallying to block cement plant project which even if is found outside the confines of the Los Haitises National Park, the facility would damage the aquifers, said the expert Luis Carvajal

Now the beleaguered project also faces allegations regarding conflict of interests with one of its stakeholders.

“The ecological consequences will be devastating not only for which they live there, but for the population in general sense, because their water-bearing reserves,” said Carvajal, an environmentalist and member of the Dominican Academy of Science.

Carvajal said the cement plant of the Concorcio Minero Dominicano will be built exactly on the Los Haitises hydrographic system.

According to the “National Hydro-geological Study of the Dominican Republic Phase II Los Haitises hydro-geological unit,” is not only concentrated within the ecological reserve.
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