Turkish production grows 12.9% YoY in Jan-Feb

Turkish production grows 12.9% YoY in Jan-Feb
02 June 2009

Domestic cement production increased by 12.9%YoY to 6.08Mt in Jan-Feb, according to data of the Turkish cement manufacturers’ association (TCMA).

Domestic cement sales in the same period dropped 9.16% YoY to 4.02Mt on the back of slowdown in local construction sector. Exports, however, soared by 99.6% YoY to 2.09Mt. Clinker production, on the other hand, fell 10.96% YoY to 6.16Mt  in the above mentioned period.

Most of the cement production took place in the Marmara region with 1.7Mt, followed by the Mediterranean region where 1.39Mt of cement were produced in Jan-Feb, data of the TCMA also showed.

Meanwhile, local daily Milliyet reports that Bulgaria decided to halt cement imports from Turkey on health concerns. Bulgarian authorities argue that the cement produced in Turkey includes high level of carcinogen materials. The Turkish Cement Producers’ Association (TCMB) rejects the claims, saying that Turkish products comply with EU standards. General secretary of TCMA, Oguz Tezmen, comments for the daily that Bulgarian producers fear competition from Turkish firms and the main reason behind the import halt is Bulgarian firms’ concerns over losing their market share. According to data from TCMA, Turkey exported 7,900t of cement and 26,600t of clinker to Bulgaria in 2008.
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