Holcim (Slovensko) Reports EUR 26.673m. Profit Last Year

Holcim (Slovensko) Reports EUR 26.673m. Profit Last Year
29 May 2009

The largest cement producer in Slovakia, Holcim (Slovensko), a.s. Bratislava, netted SKK 803.539m (EUR 26.673m) last year. The company informed that its operating profit was SKK 576.704m (EUR 19.143m) and profit from financial operations was SKK 273.576m (EUR 9.081m). The volume of output amounted to SKK 4.757 billion (EUR 157.903 million) and production costs SKK 3.079bn (EUR 102.204m).

Throughout 2008, Holcim in Slovakia increased sales of its products and services by 16.6 percent to SKK 4.636 billion (EUR 153.877m). Growth in operating profit copied the growth rate of sales. The company invested EUR 37m last year. This year that has been under the influence of the economic crisis, Holcim wants to concentrate on maintaining its No.1 position in the local cement market.

The company’s assets totaled SKK 8.082bn (EUR 268.273m) at the end of 2008, with fixed assets at SKK 6.289bn (EUR 208.757m) and current assets making up SKK 1.776bn (EUR 58.952m).
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