China "national cement team" to be reshuffled

China "national cement team" to be reshuffled
14 April 2009

China’s "national cement team," which refers to 60 local cement producers covered by the state’s preferential policies, is facing a reshuffle this year, disclosed Kong Xiangzhong, secretary-general of China Cement Association (CCA).

Kong announced the news at the 2009 China International Cement Conference last week, saying that both the list and industrial policies for cement would be adjusted.
"The new list will uphold the 60 count limit, but since 16 of the listed producers have merged with or been acquired by other large cement enterprises, they will not be included in the new list," said Kong.

After the 16 are scratched from the list, their vacancies will leave space for others to fulfill, and some old members are likely to be scratched as well, noted Kong.
It has been learned that Asia Cement Corporation, Sichuan Esheng Cement Co., Ltd and other producers which have expanded rapidly in the past year may well appear on the revised list.

Regarding the criteria for elimination, Kong said that it will mainly weigh upon the cement producers capacity to growth, adding that firms which failed to upgrade production capacity in the past year might lose out.

The new list is expected to go public this August, according to local media reports.

Source: Xinhua News Agency
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