Planning needed to avoid ’boom-bust’ cement plant

Planning needed to avoid ’boom-bust’ cement plant
06 April 2009

A new cement plant near Weston will bring social and economic benefits for the Waitaki district but could also cause problems that need to be managed, the local Environment Court has been told.

In particular, a rapid influx of workers during construction, which would employ up to 430 people at its peak, could be stressful and put pressure on services if not carefully managed, social impact consultant Gerard Fitzgerald said.
Planning was needed to avoid a "boom-bust" during the construction phase, he said.

He prepared a study on the social effects of Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd building the plant and its associated quarries in the Waiareka Valley.

On the positive side, incoming construction workers would contribute to the local economy and community activities. Some may choose to stay in the area permanently.
Source: Otago Daily Times
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