Study comes out in favour of Titan Cement, US

Study comes out in favour of Titan Cement, US
01 April 2009

A new independent study finds that a proposed cement plant by Titan Cement will not pose a threat to the environment, according to reports from local press.

Titan America wants to build a cement plant and rock quarry in Castle Hayne. It could bring more than 100 jobs to the area, but critics are concerned about the impact on the environment from things like mercury pollution.

Intertox, a Seattle-based company, reported their independent findings recently that say mercury emissions from the plant pose a nominal risk for residents.

The president of Titan Cement says he hopes the study clears the air.

"There’s so much misinformation and so much scary stuff out there about mercury,” said Bob Odom of Carolinas Cement Company. “Hopefully, this will take care of some of their concerns.”

There’s still a bill pending in the state Senate that would put a moratorium on any new cement plants in the state until September 2010. It’s unclear when lawmakers will take a vote on the issue.
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