Cement prices in Western India up

Cement prices in Western India up
01 April 2009

Cement prices in western India, including in Maharashtra and Gujarat, have risen by INR3 to INR8 per 50/kg bag effective Wednesday, the head of a group of cement dealers said.

"The demand for cement is very strong. We are seeing very good demand from rural housing and infrastructure projects," Sanjay Ladiwala, president of the Cement Stockists and Dealers Association of Bombay, said.

Ladiwala said after the price increases, the retail price of each 50kg bag of cement will range between INR270 and INR272.

The first two quarters of the financial year beginning April 1, are likely to see buoyant demand for cement, said Ladiwala. "Prices of cement can be slightly higher, as there is still head(room) for it to go up further," he said.

Source: Dow Jones Newswires

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