Cement factory plan awaits EIA , Malaysia

Cement factory plan awaits EIA , Malaysia
26 January 2009

The state government is backing a proposal to set up a cement factory in Malim Nawar, despite protests from some residents.

Senior state executive councillor Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham said the state government is waiting for the environmental impact assessment on the project to be approved by the Department of Environment.

He dismissed the objections, saying those who had spoken out against the project lived more than 5km away.

"Most of those who live near the site are in favour," he said after launching a Chinese New Year road safety campaign.

Residents, mostly Chinese poultry and vegetable farmers, submitted a petition to the state government on Dec 30 protesting the construction of the cement factory.

They fear their livelihood would be affected by pollution when the RM600m plant, which is 35km south of here, comes online later this year.

Ngeh said the company proposing to build the factory had assured the state government it would meet international environmental standards, and dust emissions would be below the danger level.

He said he had visited a factory in Beijing that uses the same technology and "shops as well as a university are located nearby".

This factory was one of the few plants in Beijing not shutdown during last year’s Olympic Games.

Ngeh said the factory would boost the Malim Nawar economy.

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