Turkey’s cement production increases

Turkey’s cement production increases
21 January 2009

Turkey’s cement production in 2008 reached 43.9Mt according to calculations made at the end of October, said a report by the Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association.

Cement production during the same period a year earlier was 41.9Mt, showed the report, which was delayed for two months.

The report showed there was a monthly production increase of 4Mt. Turkey’s total cement production is expected to reach 52Mt by the end of the year. If that figure is reached, Turkey will set a new record in cement production. The annual cement production for 2007 was a little higher than 49.2Mt.

By the end of October, a little more than 8.9Mt of cement produced in privately owned factories was exported, meaning most of the product was consumed in the domestic market. During the same period a year earlier, Turkey’s total cement export was 5.4Mt.

Most of the cement was produced in factories located in the Marmara region. A little more than 12.5Mt of cement was produced in the Marmara region during the first 10 months of the last year, while 7.4Mt was produced in Central Anatolia. The Mediterranean region came in third, reaching 7.3Mt.
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