Dangote commissions EIA study for export terminal

Dangote commissions EIA  study for export terminal
Published: 12 January 2009

Dangote Industries Limited has commissioned experts to undertake an environmental impact assessment (EIA) study of the construction of a cement export terminal at Mtwara Port.

Africa Century 4 Development Limited (AC4D) of Dar es Salaam has been appointed for the job.

 It will undertake a study of the impact of the project on the existing environment, social and economic set-up as per the Tanzania Environmental Management Act No.20 of 2004.

The same study will be conducted on the intended construction and installment of a cement packaging plant within Dar es Salaam Port area with a rated capacity of 700tph and a peak capacity of 850tph.

Both facilities, Mtwara and Dar es Salaam are expected to be operational towards the end of 2009.