Gangsu province cleans up, China

Gangsu province cleans up, China
08 January 2009

Northwest China’s Gansu province aims to eliminate 3.75Mt of obsolete capacity in 2009 to fulfill the targets of energy conservation and emissions reduction.

As per report, the province will further step up efforts in eliminating backward highly polluting and energy and resource intensive capacity in the new year, trying to weed out 3.75Mt inefficient iron smelting, steel making, ferroalloy, calcium carbide, cement and paper making capacity.

In the mean time, market withdrawal mechanism should also be established, in addition to the strengthening management on those mills quitting the market. Industrial value of local heavy polluting and energy/resource intensive industries take up some 83% of the province’s total. Therefore, local government has taken a slew of measures over the years to speed up the elimination progress like the implementation of key environmental protecting projects and the higher power rates for those inefficient producers etc.

It’s learned that the province sets to cut energy consumption per CNY 10,000 GDP by 5.2%, and controls the emission of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand under 0.523Mt and 0.17Mt respectively.
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