Tank-Weld imports from Vulcan in US

Tank-Weld imports from Vulcan in US
29 December 2008

Tank-Weld has signed a contract with US construction firm vulcan Materials to supply cement to the Jamaican market. Under the agreement, Tankweld will be importing cement from Vulcan, presumably from its own Florida Rock operations and distributing it from its Rio Bueno port plant in Trelawny. Tankweld, in a press release last week, said that the product is Portland slag cement. The product will be available to the local market as of February.

In the release, Tankweld added that the agreement with Vulcan is also of strategic importance for Jamaica’s construction industry. The local construction powerhouse claimed that the allegiance reduces the risk of a national supply crisis. It will also protect the construction sector by ensuring a competitive environment for cement, thus enhancing customer service, expectation and market-driven pricing, added the release.

Tankweld said that the new initiative will result in increased use of the Rio Bueno port and so provide additional employment and stimulus to the local economy. The primary objective, the company said, in importing and distributing its cement from Rio Bueno, is to supply demand from the northern section of the island. The company said the use of the port will offer such benefits as reducing transportation costs, ensuring less wear and tear on the roads, reducing the national fuel bill, and alleviating the nuisance experienced by the travelling public caused by heavy-duty trailers transporting cement from Kingston to the northern parishes.

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