Cemex set to resume full-scale cement production

Cemex set to resume full-scale cement production
08 December 2008

The kiln at Cemex’s Davenport plant is to go back online Monday after more than three months of sitting idle in the wake of chromium 6 found in the air.

The energy-intensive kiln will be warmed up starting today with the first batch of cement expected to roll out sometime Monday afternoon, Cemex officials said Friday.

Kiln operations were halted in September during a spell of weak demand for cement from customers, and Cemex volunteered to keep the kiln off after excessive levels of the cancer-causing chromium 6 were discovered in the Davenport air during tests conducted in June to August by the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District and released in early October.

Cemex officials say starting the kiln now is the "next logical step" in bringing the plant to full production and assuaging the community’s concerns that they’ve gotten a handle on the chromium problem with new business practices implemented after the carcinogen was detected.

"We’ve focused on operating responsibly and safely, and we’ll use the same deliberative approach when starting the kiln," Cemex spokeswoman Jennifer Borgen said. "All of the test results so far have been good, and there’s been no objections from the county and air district."
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