Jidong Cement constructs new production lines

Jidong Cement constructs new production lines
03 December 2008

Shenzhen-listed Tangshan Jidong Cement Co, Ltd recently commenced two 4500tpd clinker cement production lines in Fufeng and Jingyang counties of Shaanxi province.

Moreover, the cement producer will have four dry-process lines in Fufeng and Jingyang, adding its production capacity to 10Mt the largest in Shaanxi province.

The commence of clinker cement productions lines will raise the company’s market share in Shaanxi by over 30 per cent, improving its pricing power. As its major rivals also expanded the production capacity, future supply-and-demand relation could not be improved apparently in the future.

At present, it has can produce more than 30Mt of clinker every year and more than 40Mt of cement.

To seize the opportunity amid the reconstruction of earthquake-hit regions in Sichuan province, Jidong Cement Co. is building production lines in Pingshan of Sichuan Province and Chongqing’s Bishan and Hechuan.
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