Holcim announces winners for regional competition, Asia Pacific

Holcim announces winners for regional competition, Asia Pacific
28 November 2008

The winners of the second Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction from across region Asia Pacific were announced at a ceremony in New Delhi. Total prize money of US$270,000 was presented to 10 projects that show future-oriented and tangible approaches to urban renewal and development, energy efficiency and affordable housing.

A rural planning design for a suburban village in Beijing, China received the top prize of US$100,000 and the Holcim Awards Gold 2008 for effectively combining heritage preservation, traditional knowledge, local materials, modern technology and professional project management. The comprehensive urban planning strategy led by Yue Zhang and Feng Ni improves logistics, public utilities and services while meeting stringent ecological and energy-saving targets for new buildings.

The Holcim Awards Silver was presented to a project to build a new 40ha university campus in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam designed by Japanese architect Kazuhiro Kojima. The campus design proposal blends with its natural environment and uses prevalent winds for natural ventilation of buildings and open circulation areas to reduce air-conditioning use. The striking design strategy creates a robust system that is adaptable to the changing needs of the university community.

The submission by American architect Mark Igou and Indian builder Sanjay Chawla was commended for optimizing shading and daylighting in a planned office building on the outskirts of Hyderabad, India. The building reduces energy consumption by 35-40 per cent compared to conventional designs by using courtyards and optimizing building orientation towards the sun. Angled vertical walls on the southern façade create self-shading effects that minimise solar heat gain while maintaining views and high daylight levels.
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