MP demands ’dust’ explanation, UK

MP demands ’dust’ explanation, UK
26 November 2008

Rugby MP Jeremy Wright is demanding a full explanation from Cemex over claims of another dust fall out from its plant.

Several homeowners in Long Lawford reported their cars being showered in dust last Monday, some claiming it was the worst covering ever.

And now Mr Wright has asked company bosses to explain the fall out and is seeking urgent talks with the Environment Agency.

 "I am becoming increasingly concerned about these incidents," Mr Wright said

 "Of course it is true that things will occasionally go wrong in every industrial process, but Cemex have a particular responsibility to maintain the highest standards due to the plant’s closeness to residential areas.

 "It is hugely inconvenient to people living near the plant to have dust on their cars and other property, but it is also perfectly rational for them to worry about what goes into their lungs.

 "I have asked the management of the Cemex plant for an early explanation of this incident and I will be speaking next week to the Environment Agency about the action they intend to take. If the facts warrant it, prosecutions should be brought against Cemex."

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