Lafarge introduces new product, South Africa

Lafarge introduces new product, South Africa
24 October 2008

Lafarge has introduced the high earlystrength cement product Rapidcem CEM II 52,5N, which was developed in New Zealand for projects requiring early setting or strength development, to South Africa.

The new generation cement caters for the needs of a growing construction market involving large construction projects, while reducing the negative affects that cement has on the environment.

Boosted by the country’s current infrastructural spending drive, South Africa’s construction sector was the biggest mover for 2007, with construction growth increasing 18,1%, up from 14,7% in 2006.

"In light of this growth, we anticipate a great demand for Rapidcem, which has been developed as a superior performance cement with an innovative formulation that meets the high early strength requirements of the precast industry and large construction environments," states Lafarge national marketing manager Ilse Boshoff.
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