Cemex shuts down cement shipping until new air tests results

Cemex shuts down cement shipping until new air tests results
22 October 2008

Cemex will stop shipping cement to customers until results from recent air samples are analysed and it’s determined how much, if any, chromium 6 lingers in Davenport.

"It’s the right thing to do," Cemex Vice President Satish Sheth said Tuesday. "I could tell that’s what the community really wants."

Sheth made the call to cease the daily loading of 20-50 cement trucks after a county Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, where several North Coast residents and county leaders voiced frustration and anxiety about overdue air testing results and the continual loading of trucks at the plant that could possibly emit more chromium 6 in the air.

The cement factory already had shut down its kiln for the past couple of months due to weak demand, but had continued to ship their product to customers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"Cemex is disappointed that the air sampling results have not been produced," Sheth said. "We have done everything we can to address the community’s concerns, from implementing operational changes to taking aggressive measures to minimise fugitive dust from the operation.
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