Lafarge launches Geo conservation programme in Meghalaya, Bangladesh

Lafarge launches Geo conservation programme in Meghalaya, Bangladesh
20 October 2008

Lafarge Umiam Mining Private Limited (LUMPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Lafarge Surma Cement Ltd, Bangladesh, today announced the launch of a Geo Conservation Programme for protecting the caves at Nongtrai area of East Khasi District of Meghalaya in partnership with the Nongtrai Dorbar Shnong.

This initiative was part of the broader ’biodiversity conservation programme’ of LUMPL and reaffirms the company’s commitment to the state. Meghalaya has a number of cave systems and some of them are located in the Khasi Hills, which could potentially become major tourism destination. As a first step under the Phalangkaruh Cave Geo & Bio Diversity Protection Program, enclosures are being constructed around the entrance of about 125 meters long Phalangkaruh caves to keep it protected.

’’These measures have been implemented in keeping with Lafarge’s global tradition of preserving and improving its neighbourhood communities, leading to socio economic progress while preserving cultural heritage and ecological legacy,’’ LUMPL vice-president and Director Narayan Sharma said. Mr Sharma said the company regularly submits all monitoring reports to the Ministry of Environment and Forests and Meghalaya Pollution Control Board in keeping with the Environment notifications.

’’Chronological survey of the sinkholes and two caves are carried out and these do not reflect any change in their physical appearance,’’ he said.

Stating that Lafarge believes that scientific mining and geo conservation can coexist, Mr Sharma said LUMPL has undertaken several measures for Geo and Bio-Diversity Conservation in the area.
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