Adelide Brighton Ltd adds 2.6 per cent, rising for a third day

Adelide Brighton Ltd adds 2.6 per cent, rising for a third day
01 October 2008

Adelaide Brighton Ltd, Australia’s fourth largest Construction Materials company by market capitalisation, added 8c (or 2.6 per cent) to AUD3.17. Compared with the All Ordinaries Index which rose 174.2 points (or 3.8per cent) on the day, this represented a relative price change of -1.2 per cent. The volume was 1.2 times average trading of 865,442 shares. The stock rose for a third day on Wednesday bringing its three day rise to 15.0c or five per cent.

Volatility: The stock traded between an intraday low of $3.05 and five-day high of $3.17. The price range has expanded in the last two days (from 11.0c two days ago to 12.0c today) which, accompanied by a price rise, is a bullish signal.

Moving Average Price (MAP): The price to 200-day MAP ratio is 0.91, a bearish indicator. In the past 200 days this ratio has been under 0.91 just eight times suggesting a support level. The stock is trading below both its MAPs and the 50-day MAP of AUD3.45 is lower than the 200-day MAP of AUD3.49, a bearish indicator. The 200-day MAP has decreased to AUD3.49. A decrease is another bearish indicator.
Relativities: Since open its percentile rank in the Australian market was 64. In the Australian market of 1,843 stocks, the stock has a six-month relative strength of 64 which means it has outperformed 64 per cent of the market.

Volume and Turnover Period: There were 1,069,608 shares worth AUD3mtraded. The turnover rate in the 12 months to date was 47.9 per cent (or a turnover period of two years 33 days). This average length of ownership of the stock at 2.2 times the average holding period of 11 months for stocks in the S&P/ASX 200 Index suggests a larger number of core investors, making a long-term investment safer.

Percentage Discount to High: The last price is at a discount of 20 per cent to the 12-month high of AUD3.96 a year ago on 18 Oct, 2007.

PercentagePremium to Low: The last price is at a premium of 12.8 per cent to the 12-month low of AUD2.81 one-day ago on 30 Sep, 2008.

Volume Weighted Price (VWP): The price is at a discount of 4.8 per cent to the 1-month volume weighted average price of AUD3.33, which may appeal as a value proposition.
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