Algeria suffers a deficit of 3Mt

Algeria suffers a deficit of 3Mt
08 September 2008

The head of the commerce and industrial chamber, Brahim Ben Djaber has called on the realisation of Algerian cement groups financed locally, with State participation in the limits of 15 per cent. He indicated that the cement market in Algeria suffers from a deficit of more than 3Mt. This deficit will persist, even with the launching of the Iranian group, which is expected producing 1Mt.

Ben Djaber revealed to El Khabar that the public production of cement is currently estimated to 11.5Mt. Yet the production capacity of the cement group depending, currently, to the Lafarge after the concession of Orascom group, is estimated at 4Mt, thus the whole local production capacity attains the limits of 15.5Mt.

Ben Djaber further added that the application of Algerian market is estimated to 18.5Mt, so the deficit registered in the limits of 2009 attained 3Mt, which would be satisfied by the way of importation. He mentioned that there are effective and fast alternatives, which could be adopted, by realising local projects with state’s participation estimated to 15 percent and to launch operations of credit debenture.
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