St Marys Cement hoping to test alternative fuel

St Marys Cement hoping to test alternative fuel
18 August 2008

St Marys Cement Co. plans to apply for a permit that will allow for a test burn of plastic film waste, such as plastic shopping bags, as an alternative fuel in its cement-making process.

The alternative fuel project for which it is seeking permission from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) will be limited to one or two weeks to gather air emission data “to clearly establish the environmental feasibility of using select alternative fuels,” the company has informed the municipality.

The alternative fuel the company wants to use is “post-composting residual plastic film” from a composting plant in London. That’s material such as plastic shopping bags and other plastic wrap normally discarded in recycling bins, said company environment manager Martin Vroegh.

Mr. Vroegh said in an interview the company would like to see the demonstration burn take place over about seven to 10 days in December.

If data from the test is acceptable, the company will be required to apply for long-term approvals from the MOE.
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