China: CIWT In mutual cooperation agreement with Dalian Huaneng Xiaoyetian Cement

China: CIWT In mutual cooperation agreement with Dalian Huaneng Xiaoyetian Cement
12 August 2008

Dalian Dongtai industrial waste treatment company, a 90 per cent-owned subsidiary of China Industrial Waste Management (CIWT), has entered into a mutual cooperation agreement with Dalian Huaneng Xiaoyetian Cement Company.

Under the agreement, the two companies agreed to cooperate on research and development related to the production of cement using solid waste. Dong Tai will supply Dalian Huaneng Xiaoyetian Cement Company with certain components of solid waste, which in turn will be used by Dalian Huaneng Xiaoyetian as raw material to produce cement.

The production of cement, using solid waste as raw material, is an environmentally friendly production method which allows solid waste such as foundry sand to be recycled and re-used. The cement maintains characteristics that are similar to those of traditional cement and can be utilised in construction projects such as buildings and roads.

Dalian Huaneng Xiaoyetian Cement Company is a joint venture with the Japanese Taiheiyo Cement Company, one of the largest cement manufacturing companies worldwide. The Taiheiyo Cement Company began producing cement using waste as raw material in 2001 and their current capacity for such cement is more than 200,000tpa.

CIWT’s CEO commented that the company hoped the cooperation would lead to a new way to recycle and reuse solid waste and build a quality relationship with a new strategic partner.

CIWT., through its 90 per cent-owned subsidiary Dalian Dongtai Industrial Waste Treatment Co., Ltd., is engaged in the collection, treatment, disposal and recycling of industrial wastes principally in Dalian, China and surrounding areas in Liaoning Province. The Company provides waste disposal solutions to its more than 400 customers from facilities located in the Dalian Economic and Technology Development Zone. Dalian Dongtai treats, disposes of and/or recycles a variety of industrial wastes through incineration, burial and/or water treatment, and recycles, processes and/or resells waste products for use as raw materials in the production of chemical and metallurgy products. In addition, Dalian Dongtai provides environmental protection services, technology consultation, pollution treatment services, and waste management design processing services.
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