New orders for Christian Pfeiffer

New orders for Christian Pfeiffer
12 May 2008

On May 1st, 2008 Nael Cement Co, located at Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates signed a contract for the supply of a new clinker grinding plant. It is the second production line at the AL Ain site. The contract includes the complete mechanical equipment for the grinding plant from weigh feeders for three feed materials up to the cement transport to the silos.
The core equipment will be a 4.2 m diameter ball mill with slide shoe bearings and 13m grinding path length. A double pinion drive with 2 x 1900kW will be installed. The first compartment is equipped with an Activator lining and in the second compartment a combination of a classifying and lifting lining is installed. The flow controllable 4th generation intermediate and discharge diaphragm are of Monobloc® design. The plant is designed as a close circuit system with a QDK 29-NZ separator with cyclones.
VAT Ivano-Frankivsk expands production
VAT Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine expands its production. Just recently CPB converted cement mill no. 3 from open into closed circuit. It was the 3rd contract of its kind for CPB. The existing mill with 2.55m diameter and 13m length was equipped with new liners for both compartments and intermediate and discharge diaphragms of the Monobloc® design. A high efficiency separator QDK 16.5-N has been installed. The separator is connected to a jet pulse filter for collection of the product. The cement temperature can be controlled by partial or complete substitution of the separation air with ambient air.
Shortly after the conversion VAT Ivano-Frankivsk placed an order for a new grinding plant. CPB will supply a ball mill and a high efficiency separator for the new plant. The 2 – compartment mill on slide shoe bearings has a diameter of 4.2m and a grinding path length of 13.0 m. A double pinion drive with a capacity of 2 x 1900kW will be used. The mill internals, such as shell liners and diaphragms will be delivered according to the CPB design as well as the water injection for the 2nd compartment. The QDK 29-N separator will be installed together with cyclones.

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