Cemex permit renewed

Cemex permit renewed
04 March 2008

After addressing concerns raised during a public comment period, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has renewed the operating permit for Cemex’s Lyons plant.

The five-year permit, which goes into effect today, more tightly regulates some of the cement producer’s problem areas, such as dust, high air opacity (a measurement of the plant’s emissions) and kiln temperatures above allowed limits.

In response to residents’ concerns, the state health department added requirements to the permit, including mandatory use of a truck washer to reduce dust carried away from the plant, more frequent reporting of
emissions and kiln temperatures, additional monitoring of air opacity and emissions testing within 45 days of any tire burning. The permit also adds lead emissions monitoring at the baghouse, which is a giant dust filter.

The CDPHE’s Air Pollution Control Division renewed the operating permit Jan. 22 after an extensive review process.

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