Pakistan goes green

Pakistan goes green
25 January 2008

Fauji Cement Company Ltd, Islamabad ordered first RDF Production Plant in Pakistan
At the beginning of 2007, MVW Lechtenberg, Germany started to analyse the possibilities for the production of refuse derived Fuels (RDF) from Municipal solid waste in Pakistan.

The main focus was the availability, quantities and qualities of the land filled waste.
In a 3-Step plan, the complete system for the use of refused derived fuels from Municipal solid wastes in the existing 3.700 tpd clinker plant of Fauji Cement was developed.
More then 500 tons of Municipal Solid wastes are delivered every day to the non controlled Dumpsite at Rawalpindi. There isn’t any regulation for the operation of such sites, so waste is delivered by citizens or industry without a regular treatment on the sites themselves. Waste is often blown off by the wind or eaten by animals. Running landfill sites in this way will cause contamination of soil, groundwater and air by hazardous materials.
Fauji Cement Company decided to use the high calorific value fraction from the Municipal Solid wastes. MVW Lechtenberg developed the technical system for the separation of this fraction and further processing into a RDF. Further, the effects of cofiring RDF to the clinker and environment were calculated. 
The developed concept from MVW Lechtenberg showed the exceptional environmental and social advantages, so that Fauji Cement Company placed now the order the complete RDF System, including sorting, processing, dosing and feeding system to the Kiln. MVW Lechtenberg also provides all services for the supervision and start up of RDF substitution, incl. quality control of RDF and clinker quality.
The calculation of Environmental effects (Carbon Credits) complete the services of MVW Lechtenberg.
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