10 year co-operation between Cemex and Birdlife launched

10 year co-operation between Cemex and Birdlife launched
10 December 2007

To further integrate the protection of the environment in its business, Cemex has signed a 10-year global agreement with the international bird and biodiversity conservation organisation, BirdLife International.

Cemex and BirdLife International have worked together in Europe before, but this new agreement goes further. BirdLife’s counsel, advice and expertise will be integrated into the management of over 400 quarry sites operated by
Cemex around the world.

Mike Rands, CEO of BirdLife, said: “We welcome this long-term commitment to partnership between industry and conservation. Working together and focusing on birds, we can make a real, positive contribution to biodiversity and the wider environment.”

As an early example of this collaboration BirdLife International and
Cemex have produced jointly an outstanding new book, ‘Birds and People – Bonds in a Timeless Journey’ which in addition to celebrating the relationship between man and birds, also illustrates how the actions of birds can warn us of future environmental threats.

The agreement and the book were presented at the Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels, by Armando J. García,
Cemex Executive Vice President of Development, and Mike Rands, CEO of BirdLife International.

Armando J. Garcia said: “We know the cement and aggregates industry as well as other extractive activities generate ecological footprints. Aiming to minimize this impact,
Cemex takes action for the conservation and management of biodiversity. This agreement builds on Cemex current environmental initiatives worldwide and is symbolic of our commitment to ensuring that our operations are carried out in an environmentally sound manner. Our partnership with BirdLife International will enable us to benefit from their unrivalled knowledge on biodiversity issues and help to further improve our performance to become a more sustainable company.”

In addition to meeting specific objectives of both parties the agreement will support a number of shared goals including:

- raising the environmental awareness, knowledge and skills of
Cemex employees, site-adjacent communities and other stakeholders.
- minimizing and off-setting net biodiversity loss at
Cemex sites through support for wider conservation initiatives.
- the identification and pursuit of wider strategic initiatives through integrated approaches to sustainable development with targeted benefits for birds, biodiversity and people.
- opportunities for enhancing conditions for bird populations at
Cemex sites through improved environmental management practices, including impact avoidance, mitigation, rehabilitation and closure planning.
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