Anhui to spend RMB2bn on cogeneration development

Anhui to spend RMB2bn on cogeneration development
10 December 2007

Anhui province plans to spend RMB 2.24 billion to install 33 sets of new residual heat cogeneration equipment in 2008. The equipment has additional annual production value of RMB 1.03 billion.  
At present, Anhui province has transferred 21 modern dry cement clinker production lines to residual cogeneration technology of 4 cement production enterprises. The total investment value is RMB 1.34 billion. Anhui province forecasts that the projects will generate 1.2 billion kilowatts of power and achieve production value of RMB 600 million in 2007. With abundant cement and lime reserves, Anhui province is expected to produce 50 million tons of cement and 74 million tons of lime in 2007.  
In 2008, Anhui province will have finished transferring 60 modern dry cement clinker production lines with capacity above 20 million tons to residual cogeneration. At that time, Anhui’s total installed capacity will reach 477,000 kilowatts. It will be able to save 3.23 billion kilowatts of power each year. Industries in Anhui province can also decrease coal use for 1.202 million tons per year. Anhui province will also be able to reduce energy consumption per unit of cement products by 25% in 2008, meeting the target set by the Chinese government in the 11th Five-Year Plan.  
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