Titan America Improves Operational Efficiency with Pavilion Technologies’ Cement Control and Optimization Solution

Titan America Improves Operational Efficiency with Pavilion Technologies’ Cement Control and Optimization Solution
09 October 2007

Pavilion Technologies today announced that Titan America has achieved increased operational efficiency with Pavilion’s Cement Control and Optimization Solution. Titan America sought the Pavilion Raw Material Preparation application to improve the stability and utilization of its raw mill at its Pennsuco facility in Miami, Florida. Since the implementation, Titan’s Pennsuco plant has achieved a 10 per cent increase in mill operating time by significantly reducing the number of mill starts and stops through improved control of mill loading.

“Through our partnership with Pavilion we have been able to substantially improve control of the raw mill grinding process and increase reliability in what was a very challenging process,” said Dan Crowley, Vice President and General Manager, Titan America. “The stable performance of the raw mill has not only provided a higher quality raw meal to the kiln, but also increased utilization capacity which has gone directly to the bottom line.”

A subsidiary of Greek-owned Titan Cement Company, Titan America needed to find new ways to improve the operating efficiency of its Pennsuco facility in order to combat increased customer demands, high energy costs and complex process design and dynamics. The successful deployment of Pavilion’s Model Predictive Control (MPC)-based applications at a Titan subsidiary in Roanoke, Virginia, which resulted in production increase, power consumption decrease and enhanced product quality, led Titan America to implement Pavilion’s Cement Control and Optimization Solution at the Pennsuco plant.

The Pavilion Raw Material Preparation application, based on the powerful Pavilion8 software platform, controls the raw mill loading, mill inlet and exit temperatures, external reject rate and production rate while predicting and maintaining target product fineness. Following the deployment of the application at the Pennsuco facility, Titan achieved significant improvements in operations variability, relieving the operator need to manually monitor and adjust the raw mill operations. Measured operational performance benefits include:

    * Reduced fineness variability by 26 per cent;
    * Reduced load variability on mill and mill fan drives by 22 per cent and 38 per cent respectively;
    * Reduced average mill vibration levels by more than 10 per cent;
    * Sustained mill operation at increased operating efficiency, allowing personnel to focus attention on other production areas.
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