Construction industry braces for cement shortage, Jamaica

Construction industry braces for cement shortage, Jamaica
28 September 2007

Despite desperate attempts by the Government to prevent a wide scale shortage of cement the local building industry is bracing for disruptions come next month.

President of the Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica, Michael Archer, says plans to import increased supplies of cement over the next three weeks will not be enough to sustain construction activity.

He says the expected imports might not be enough to satisfy the high demand.

And a Jamaican delegation, including Commerce Ministry technocrats, will leave the island Thursday to finalise arrangements for the supply of 40-tons of cement from Cuba.

Commerce Minister Karl Samuda says the Cuban authorities have been approached about the possibility of exporting the much needed product to augment existing local supplies.

Mr. Samuda says Cuba does not export cement however as an expression of goodwill, special arrangements have been made to assist Jamaica.

Mr. Samuda says the Government is being careful to prevent a glut on the market.
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