Pakistan cement price hike slammed

Pakistan cement price hike slammed
09 July 2007

President of the Karachi Cement Dealers Action Committee Wali Bhai Patel on Friday condemned the increase of Rs2.50 in the prices of cement by the manufacturers.

He said that prominent newspapers were publishing that cement prices had fallen to Rs210 to Rs225 per 50 kg bag, but in Karachi the prices had gone further higher, as Lucky, Falcon and Pakland cement was being sold at Rs250, Rs263 and Rs253 per bag respectively.

He added that compared to other provinces, cement prices were higher in Sindh and Karachi. He said, “Why is Sindh government not playing its role in this regard; as the price is higher by Rs50 per bag in Karachi?” He said, “Prices are higher or lower; it does not affect us because we are dealers, however we will not accept any injustice against people of Sindh and Karachi.”

He appealed to the Chief Minister and Governor Sindh to take notice of this injustice against the people of Sindh and Karachi and urged strong action against the cement companies which hike the prices.
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