Hima cement steps up safety initiatives

Hima cement steps up safety initiatives
09 July 2007

Hima Cement has intensified safety initiatives to eliminate injuries at work and improve efficiency.  
The plant manager, D. Yadav, said the aim is to close the production gap created by the safety problems.  
"Everything that we do begins with safety because our activities involve human beings. That explains why we have taken it high on our budget. This year, the company has a budget of 300,000 euros for safety. We are investing in fire engines and also installing proper lifting systems," Yadav explained.  
Every year, Lafarge, which is the parent company of Hima in Uganda and Bamburi, does a safety audit.  
The company carries out road safety campaigns by training truck drivers in safety measures and inspecting vehicles that ferry cement.  
Serapio Kiiza, the safety officer, said they became proactive on safety issues because they spend a lot of money on compensation.  
The last time the company recorded lost time injury was in 2004 when an employee was killed.  
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