BCA: cement industry achieves climate change target

BCA: cement industry achieves climate change target
25 June 2007

The British Cement Association (BCA) has announced that all four UK cement manufacturers have achieved their targets under the Climate Change Levy Agreements for 2006. In addition, they have collectively beaten their target of reducing specific energy consumption by 26.6% over 1990 levels three years ahead of schedule, recording an actual reduction level of 27.5%. Their reward will be an 80% rebate on the full Climate Change Levy.

The four UK cement manufacturers, Castle Cement, CEMEX UK, Lafarge Cement UK and Tarmac Buxton Lime and Cement produce more than 90% of UK cement and have underlying Climate Change Agreements that underpin a challenging 2010 sector energy efficiency target of 1234 kWh/t of cement relative to a 1990 baseline. Improvements in sector energy efficiency derive from investment in new and updated plant and increased use of non-fossil fuels thereby reducing carbon emissions.

‘A major step forward in the UK cement industry’s efforts to combat climate change’ was how the British Cement Association’s Chief Executive, Mike Gilbert, described the impressive results achieved by the four major cement producers under their Climate Change Agreements. He went on to say ‘the UK cement industry has put sustainable development at the heart of its operations and is playing its part in assisting the government meet its target of a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050 based on 1990 levels. Indeed, since 1990, the cement industry has saved over 3.7Mt of C02.’
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