Rejection of expanded mining

Rejection of expanded mining
21 June 2007

The Sugar Creek Board of Aldermen have rejected a plan that would have allowed Lafarge North America to expand its mining operations to the northwest corner of Kentucky and Jennings roads.  
The request for a special-use permit and light industry zoning was submitted by Lafarge almost a year ago — shortly after the city had annexed the 162 acres known as the old Cedar Crest Dairy Farm.  
Concerned citizens from both Independence and unincorporated Jackson County said increased blasting associated with the mining would damage their homes and decrease property values.  
Additionally, the Fort Osage School District, which has two schools near the land, took the position that increased traffic, vibrations and dust from blasting posed a health risk to children.  
Lafarge North America already mines the desired Bethany Falls limestone beneath the WinterStone Golf Course, located just south of the Cedar Crest area.  
“To date there’s not been any damage done to those structures,” said John Hayes, a sales manager for Lafarge. Blasting levels are regulated by both the city and federally.  
“We were even willing to go above and beyond what was allowed by Sugar Creek to make certain everyone in the area was comfortable with our operation,” Hayes said.  
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