Cement maker to save the whale shark

Cement maker to save the whale shark
22 May 2007

Cemex is set to infuse an initial funding of P1.44m to bankroll conservation efforts for the whale sharks of Donsol, Sorsogon in the Philippines.

Cemex has also proposed a bill that seeks to give local companies tax breaks for every peso they spent on conservation efforts for the country’s endangered species.

Cemex Philippines Foundation, in partnership with worldwide environmental group Conservation International, is set to undertake a photo identification and genetic testing of the whale sharks of Sorsogon to conserve the species.

The butanding (whale shark) is the only representative of the family rhinocodontidae and considered to be the largest fish in the world. It is categorized as a vulnerable species, which places it about two levels away from becoming extinct.

The photo identification would assess movements, scarrings, and markings, particularly at the whale shark’s left side, around the gills. The skin tissue samples would be used to test genes to determine lineage; the gene testing is set to be conducted in Mexico.

The butanding will be the flagship species of the planned "adopt-a- species" law that Cemex and Conservation International are drafting.

Cemex Philippines Foundation President Jaime Ruiz de Haro said in a briefing here yesterday that the project would provide opportunities to other companies to be involved in funding conservation efforts of threatened species.

Cemex and Conservation International are proposing that tax credits be applied to corporations that will fund conservation efforts. "The program is broader than the whale sharks. We will also be pushing and marketing this scheme to other corporations to protect other endangered species in the country," said Romeo Trono, Conservation International- Philippines executive director.
LVT reports on new contract with NSCI Malaysia  ORDER
L.V. Technology Public Company Limited has been awarded a new project in Malaysia for clinker production upgradation by Negeri Sembilan Cement Industries Sdn Bhd. The contract has been signed on March 21, 2007. Contract value : US$3,788,000. Period of Work : March - September 2007. Scope of project : Supply of equipments and engineering services for clinker production upgrade.

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