Cement in high demand

Cement in high demand
02 May 2007

The problem of the shortage of building materials in Poland may become acute in the light of the investment which will be made in connection to Euro 2012. It would be necessary to build at least 100 hotels, almost 1000km of motorway and twice as much dual carriage way. Therefore, representatives of cement companies have written a letter to both the PM and president, in which they have warned that the investment projects may be threatened. "The limits which had been imposed by the EU may cause shortage of cement and increased prices," said Marek Cijka from Skanska. 

On March 26 the European Commission reduced the Polish share of carbon dioxide emissions from 239Mta to 208.5Mta. If the attempts to increase the limits prove unsuccessful, Polish companies would produce about 12Mta of cement. The construction sector is undergoing unprecedented development. This means that cement, mineral wool, foamed polystyrene and other materials will become rare goods.

In order to increase the production, cement producers would have to buy permission to emit extra amounts of CO2.

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