Italcementi’s volumes boosted in 2006

Italcementi’s volumes boosted in 2006
05 February 2007

In 2006, Italcementi increased turnover by 17.1% to EUR 5,854.1m, out of which cement and clinker represented €3,847.9m, and increase of 21.7%, and concrete and aggregates EUR1,751.5m, an advance of 8.3%. 

Kind weather in the final months of the year resulted in a 14.4% increase in the fourth quarter sales line, though operating costs also rose.  

Cement and clinker shipments for the year increased by 13.6%, or by 4.1% on a comparable basis, to 64Mt.  Ready-mixed concrete deliveries were 3.0% higher at 21.6Mm³ while the aggregates volume rose by 10.2% to 59.3Mt.  The full year results will be announced on the 8th of March. 

Italy contributed a turnover 9.2% higher at €1,619.5m, with the rest of the European Union generating a 12.3% increase to €2,043.7m.  European cement and clinker volumes improved by 4.2% to 26.7m tonnes, out of which the Italian operations accounted for 14Mt, with ready-mixed concrete deliveries being ahead by 1.9% to 17.0Mm³ and aggregates by 8.8% to 55.9Mt. 

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