Holcim promises detailed information for community

Holcim promises detailed information for community
15 December 2006

Holcim New Zealand Ltd promised on Wednesday questions about its proposed $200m cement plant near Weston would be answered.
The Waiareka Valley Preservation Society, which opposes the plant on the grounds of potential emissions, presented Holcim management with 25 questions on Wednesday to which it wanted detailed and substantive answers. 
Holcim’s cement plant project manager Paul Commons welcomed the exchange of views and the questions - "which we will answer and be pleased to answer". He hoped to have the answers before Christmas, although the detail required was substantial. 
The information would be made available to anyone who wanted it, not just the society, and that was in line with Holcim’s approach since it announced in May the Weston plant was one of four options being investigated in New Zealand. 
Society spokesman Rodney Jones said his group wanted specific data from Holcim on emissions and pollution control to be used at the plant. The society had had to base its findings on "standard" cement plants overseas. 
Once the data was received, the society would have its independent chemist consultant prepare information so the community could put the plant in perspective. 
The society also requested Holcim make available to the society samples of the coal, limestone and tuff to be used in the Weston plant. 
The society wants to send the samples overseas for scientific analysis and testing, at its own expense. 
Dr Rodwell said after the meeting recent advances in the measurement of heavy metals had shown that United States cement plants were emitting much higher levels of mercury than previously thought. 
He sought from Holcim the mineral composition of inputs, information on pollution control equipment, and likely emissions of dust, oxides, heavy metals and dioxins.
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