Cement company planning second limestone quarry

Cement company planning second limestone quarry
08 December 2006

The Arizona Portland Cement Company is planning a second limestone quarry on federally controlled acreage next to state land where mining was already approved.

The company intends to take 150,000t to 300,000tpa for 20 years from a quarry on 60 acres near Davidson Canyon where the Bureau of Land Management controls the mineral rights.

Over time, the company plans to dig a 150-foot deep open pit.

The state land commissioner approved leases last month for the cement company to take a similar amount of limestone from 70 acres of state land south and east of the federal land.

Davidson Canyon is a scenic desert area 25 miles southeast of Tucson.

Portland Cement’s formal mining claims for the federally controlled land actually extend into the canyon.

But company officials say they have no plans to actually mine the canyon itself.
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