Cement price rise in Azerbaijan

Cement price rise in Azerbaijan
16 November 2006

The price rise in some building materials, in particular cement  is closely connected to the increase of the demand for these materials in Russia and Iran, State Customs Committee chairman Aydin Aliyev said.

He said Azerbaijan’s annual demand for cement is 2.5Mt, but the demand jumped this year due to construction of new bridges and roads. "Domestic production supplies only half of the demand. In total 940,000t of cement were imported during the past eight months, and plus, 130,000t were imported in September and October," he said.

Aliyev stated that Russian Avrocement reduced cement imports to Azerbaijan because of high demand high demand in Russia. Iran also suspended cement imports. "Some think it is an artificial rise caused by customs service. But, in fact the cement imports are cheaper than the domestic cement," he said.
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