Private sector to build plant in Khorramabad, Iran

Private sector to build plant in Khorramabad, Iran
31 October 2006

Private sector, in cooperation with government, is planning to build a cement production plant in Khorramabad, the provincial capital of Lorestan Province, Iran.

The plant’s output would supply the province’s requirements and the surplus, if any, would be exported to the Persian Gulf littoral states, noted on Monday Qodratollah Imani, the representative of the people of this historic city at the Majlis (Iranian parliament).

Around Rls.1,100bn has been invested in the project, the lawmaker announced adding that some 90 per cent of the costs for the machinery purchases has been provided by the Oil Stabilization Fund (OSF).

This major cement production project, located in the western part of the nation, is expected to be built in two phases.

Development of the project would lead to the development of Lorestan Province, the legislator commented adding that it would also help reduce the high unemployment rate in the region. He further explained that upon completion, the project would provide some 350 direct and 7,500 indirect job opportunities for the people of the region.
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