Arizona Portland Cement penalty, US

Arizona Portland Cement penalty, US
27 October 2006

The largest cement producer in the Tucson area has agreed to pay a large fine over pollution.

Arizona Portland Cement Company reached a $300,000 penalty settlement agreement for violating the state’s air quality laws.

The settlement results from violations of state and federal regulations governing emission of hazardous air pollutants, failure to submit test reports from the company’s manufacturing plant, failure to install required temperature monitors by the required regulatory deadline and failure to submit required compliance certification reports, according to a news release from the Arizona Attorney Generals Office. 

"I am committed to enforcing vigorously our environmental laws and ensuring that our citizens have clean air to breathe,” said Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard. “Industries that release hazardous air pollutants substantially above the permitted limits will face significant consequences."

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), issued seven notices of violation to the cement company in 2003-2004 for not following the law.

“These are very toxic air pollutants,” said ADEQ Director Steve Owens. “The substantial penalty reflects the seriousness of the violations.”

In addition to the penalty fee, the company must annually monitor hazardous air pollutant emissions, apply dust suppressants to an unpaved community road, install a ventilation system and air purifiers in a Rillito Community Center, and offer air purifiers to local Rillito residents.

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