Cimenterie Nationale upgrades kiln line, Lebanon

Cimenterie Nationale upgrades kiln line, Lebanon
26 October 2006

Cimenterie Nationale, a major cement manufacturer in Lebanon with current production exceeding clinker production of 1.5Mta  is upgrading the capacity of one of its kilns which was commissioned in 1998 from 2000tpd to 3800tpd. The project is intended to meet rapidly increasing regional demand and to prepare for future market trends. The project consists of four stages with a total cost of US$90m. The first three stages  are expected to be completed by the the first quarter of 2007. The final stage of increasing the cement grinding capacity will be completed towards the end of 2007.

The project consists of:
1 Upgrade of one kiln by the addition of a second ‘string’ to the pre-heater system and installing a Crusher Drier plant for pre-crushing and drying raw material. The clinker cooler is extended and the exhaust gas dust collection system is replaced.The design will also incorporate BAT to reduce to a minimum the environmental impact of cement manufacturing and the ability to use alternative fuels in future.
2. Increasing the cement storage facility by fourty thousand tons and the installation of new automatic bag loading machines.
3. The provision of a further 12MW power generation capacity to supply the new plant.
4. The installation of a new cement mill with pre-grinding, increasing the cement production by 4400tpd.
Cimenterie Nationale has been steadily increasing its market presence in neighbouring Syria and Iraq and is looking for expansion opportunities in these and other markets.
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