Burners renovation at Hanson 5000tpd cement kiln

Burners renovation at Hanson 5000tpd cement kiln
05 October 2006

Hanson Permanente have signed a contract with Greco-Enfil to completely renovate its Cupertino Facility, CA- USA cement kiln combustion systems. Hanson will have its main and secondary combustion systems totally renovated in order to improve conditions on petcoke, coal and natural gas firing. Greco-Enfil, Brazil, received this task on September 2006. The following core elements will be supplied by Greco-Enfil:
-  Basic and final engineering.
-   Core equipment supply, namely:
-   GrecoBurner for the kiln with a thermal power of 270 MMBTU/h with its accessories - air flow meters, hoses, valves etc.
-   GrecoBurner for the RSP type calciner, thermal power of 405 MMBTU/h, and accessories – hoses, valves, etc.
-    Main burner trolley with axial, vertical and horizontal adjustment systems.
-  Three pulverized petcoke / coal weighing, dosing and extracting sets, unitary capacity of 15 t/h.
-  Three rotary lobes blowers to supply petcoke / coal conveying air.
-  Rotary lobes blower with its VFD to supply the shaping air for the main combustion system.
-  High-pressure centrifugal fan to supply the shaping air for the secondary combustion system.
-  Centrifugal emergency fan.
-  Three filtering sets – bag filter with its own exhaust fan – to depressurize the petcoke / coal storage silos.
-   Spare parts for two years operation.
-    Erection and comissioning supervision.
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